Soundprise is a game-changing music production platform that supports the next generation of independent artists

Soundprise is a game-changing music production platform that specializes in supporting independent artists through contextualizing their projects, and assisting them in building the foundations for a successful music launch.

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To support independent artists in building the foundations for their careers. Achieved through helping them adapt and thrive in the new music industry under their terms. We want to help them be the face of the new music industry and disrupt its old paradigm.






We see a bright future for independent artists making it for themselves, without gatekeepers holding them back; where they take full control for their careers. Our vision is to positively impact and amplify the careers of the artists we work with so they can succeed in their own industry.




We will always be a champion for independent artists – providing them with full creative freedom, transparency, a personalized process, with a focus on artist empowerment at the center of it. We aim to help you evolve through the process so you can be the artist you were meant to be.




Exclusive tips, advice, and industry insights for independent artists wanting to build a music career.