Soundprise works with emerging pop artists who are looking to create songs that belong in the top-40 charts. Our program has been designed to provide artists with a framework to make sure that their project and song competes in the pop market. The program consists of:

1)  Activating their artist identity and brand to set themselves apart from the crowd

2) Creating their own unique pop sound by cultivating who they are and taking elements from their own musical influences

3) Providing the artist an advanced marketing release strategy to gain traction and their desired results

Being an artist in the new age of the music industry is difficult, especially if you’re independent. An artist can easily be overwhelmed; especially having to deal with all that comes with pursuing a career in it (publishing, administration, marketing assets, distribution, branding, and many more). This can stifle them and their creativity –  And that’s where Soundprise comes in.

Our mission is simple: to guide and equip the next-generation of pop artists a framework they can use to build a foundation for their music career. At the heart of Soundprise, we are driven by artistic creativity, achieving desired results, but most of all, crafting great pop songs for the artist and their audience.

Meet the team
Meet the team
Jonathan Milanes
Founder of Soundprise - Artist/Producer

Jonathan Milanes (Founder of Soundprise – Artist/Producer)

I know that your love of music is the forefront of why you need to pursue it. In fact, I’m sure it’s what drives you to strive to be more in your everyday life, even if the odds are against you. There are key steps that an artist needs to understand and apply in order to build a career in music.

The music industry is too difficult to thrive in as an emerging pop artist – I’ve seen firsthand how many of my peers have stopped their pursuit of it, or even worse, they quit or gave up along the way. Mind you, these were highly talented people, some were even signed to labels, publishers, and artist management companies.

Having a career in music has many complex parts that I wish I knew and understood when I was starting out – that’s where the idea of starting Soundprise came from. I wanted to provide a solution to the problem. To support artists at the beginning stage of their careers. That’s it.

You can think of Soundprise as a platform that helps contextualize your artist project and song – we don’t guarantee to take you from point A to point Z, but we will take you from point A to point B. That I can guarantee.

Enough about me, this is your story – thanks for reading the about page (not a lot of people do nowadays), I hope that we work together and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me directly on my socials.

Here’s to more music and success,

Jonathan Milanes