Introducing the Artist Development Path

Artist development is becoming a lost art (no pun intended), but worry not! We’re bringing it back.

The process of developing an artist isn’t just for the elite or the chosen ones, it for you too.

If you’re a singer-songwriter who wants to develop their craft and artist project – you’re in the right place. Or in music terminology, you’re playing the right key.



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Artist Branding

Who is your favourite artist of all time? How easily can you describe them? What makes them so great that you became a fan?

Our artist branding will make sure that you’re next fan can answer these for your own artist project.

We build your artist project by first defining what it is and what it isn’t, always driven by you, the singer-songwriter.

This includes a collaborative process in which we take a deep dive in understanding your artist story, musical influences and purpose as a musician.

We help you build a cohesive artist project by supporting a specific niche (sub-genre) you want to develop in so you can find the right fans and attract the right opportunities for your music.


Music Production

How do you get a legion of music listeners to give you attention and turn them into super fans?

By having a great song with high music production quality that speaks to them.

This is the second stage of the Artist Development Path. It is where we place your artist brand at the forefront of how we will produce a track with you – making sure that it becomes a bridge between you and your next group of music fans.

All done remotely (you can record from the comfort of your room).

Our music production service includes: song ideation, pre-production, collaborative co-writing sessions, instrumentation, vocal production, mixing and mastering.

Oh, and you get to keep 100% of the sound recording rights (masters) after.


Music Marketing

What makes you stand out and captivate more music opportunities and peak the attention of the music business?

A solid and growth driven marketing strategy of course!

This is the final stage of our Artist Development Path, in which we merge your artist brand and song, to create a growth hacking music marketing strategy for its release.

We will also provide creative inspiration for developing your creative assets for marketing and submitting your music to curators/publications.

Our approach to marketing is very holistic, we know that there are multiple ways to market music and an artist project – no one size tactic works for everyone.

Still not convinced? How about some social proof?


Wow, this guy (Jonathan Milanes) loves his creativity down to his soul. Such an intelligent individual with a bright future!

On top of all this, 4 of my most popular songs on Spotify are produced by him. I HIGHLY recommend Soundprise.

Davion Luv (Pop/soul Artist)

Results we’ve achieved for our roster so far:

  • Feature in highly prestigious blogs (Talk About Pop, Pop Crave, Pop Wrapped)
  • Feature in Spotify editorial and discover weekly playlists, gaining one of our artists over 20,000 streams in under 2 weeks
  • Receive an array of music opportunities from: independent radio and podcast interviews, sync opportunities, music publishing deals, as well as performance showcases (not in the lockdown of course)


Need a more in-depth and visual explanation of our Artist Development Path?

We only onboard a maximum of 4 clients per quarter to provide them the best possible service – what are you waiting for? Begin your journey now!

Traditional Record Label or Artist management

  • Hierarchy and corporate driven model (goodluck trying to get your song or project worked on under your terms)
  • Long-term and unfair contracts that make you want to quit music all together
  • Very revenue and numbers driven – your music, artistry and creativity is an after thought (if at all)
  • Teams that deal with a number of artist projects that then usually works on your artist project without context or passion

  • 360 deals – you give them a good chunk of the percentage from your revenue streams including: Merch, Touring, Masters, Streaming Royalties… and that’s just scratching the surface
  • Yes, they have the power and the muscle to get your career to newer heights, but you are potentially a 1 out of a 1,000 signings for them. It’s likely your project gets delayed,  gets dropped or worse… your music gets shelved.
  • Receive huge amounts of an advance (debt) for your project,  but you see it disappear just as quickly as you receive it


  • An open, flat, collaborative, transparent and artist driven model in which you are the main driver
  • A one-off work for hire payment where we work under your pace, you get to keep 100% of your master recording rights and our contract protects both parties, especially you
  • Our platform is created by creatives, so creativity is one of our fundamental driving values. We’re here to amplify the value of music. Your music.
  • We qualify the artists we work with to make sure that it is the right decision for us, but more importantly for you (yes, we do reject irrelevant applications that do not fit our criteria and genre specialty)
  • You get to keep all of your revenue streams, even if your music reaches the moon. We only take a portion of music publishing if our roster of music producers and songwriters help develop the song (which they always do, and this is usually a standard 50-50 split)
  • Our team will work with you on a personal level with a 1-1 human approach and we will make sure you succeed (we have a reputation to protect afterall)

We’re so confident with our offer that we provide you a 7-day 100% refund policy if it isn’t to your satisfaction. But…

With our current 5/5 rating on Google and Facebook, we highly doubt this will be the case.

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