To create a positive impact in our community and within the music industry

Imagine a world where music’s value in the eyes of the public and its impact in people and cultures are defined by its creators – us.

Artists, songwriters, music producers, mixing and mastering engineers, as well as our connection with other creatives.

That’s what Soundprise fundamentally stands for.

To amplify the meaning and experience of life through the power of music








To champion the human expression in all forms of creativity

Soundprise is a growing music start-up that offer artists and singer-songwriters a solution to successfully build and launch a career in the music business.


We achieve this for our clients through a blueprint we call The Artist Development Path. We collaborate with them and offer: Artist Branding, Music Production, and Music Marketing – and so much more.

We offer them a process of transformation so they can be the hero in their own journey.



To solve the problem that creatives have in building the foundations of their career and support their personal growth in the process.

Our Fundamentals



Creativity | Inspire | Community | Transparency | Positivity | Impact | Growth




To amplify the power of music and creativity – to support the human expression and capture (and reflect) history through sound.




Create a new and improved model of the music business, where creativity and having a positive purpose is at forefront of its ecosystem. 

Our Legacy


10% of all our client fees (work-for-hire), will go to a music charity of their choice or our chosen partner/s including:

– Help Musicians

– Arts Emergency

– We are Hummingbird

– Music Support

– Nordoff Robbins





We want to challenge the current paradigm the music industry is at – to rapidly scale its ecosystem using the latest data, tech, AR/VR, machine-learning (AI) tools.

Not for vanity, but to progress the process of creativity and grow the value of music in the market.




🔥 Soundprise pre-launches providing artists freelance collaborators – we call it SP 1.0




🎧  We built our first website and officially produced a song with our first client

Our story




🎹 We officially launched as a business and offered a fully-remote way of music production for our audience – we call it SP 2.0




🎙We re-launched and rebranded our core business – turning us into an artist development solution for artists. We also started building out partners and requested funding to scale the growth of our company – we call it SP 3.0





10% of all our client fees go to charities relating to supporting musicians or other creative practices.





We want to create a positive community of like-minded creatives that want to support each other.

Join our community HERE.

You’re in Good Company




Artist Coaching

As of September 2021, we will be introducing an exclusive 1-1 artist coaching session for selected artists from our community.

This will be on a monthly basis with a personalised approach that’s driven by the artist themselves.




Free Resources

We offer our community resources to help them build their music careers and keep them updated on the latest music industry trends and news.

We offer: Blogs, Ebooks, Courses (coming soon) and group full of like-minded individuals.