The new music industry is already here. And that comes with a lot of overwhelm and competition for the next-generation of independent artists. Furthermore, no longer can you hand over your career to a manager, an artist management, or a record label and expect them to guarantee you success. In fact, signing a major deal is basically giving another person (team of people) the permission to handle your music business, keeping in mind that you might not be a priority in their artist roster.

And I’m sure you’ve already heard all the horror stories that come with handing over your business to an external party. Getting dropped. Getting your music shelved and not released. 360 deals. Loss of artistic freedom. Advances that you can’t repay. Not getting immediate updates on how your project is progressing. Not owning the master to your music. And the list goes on.

But the next-generation of independent artists like you are unique. You understand that the power is now literally in your hands. But what comes with power, also comes with great responsibility (yes, that is a Spiderman quote). A lot of responsibility. The great news is that you are in full control of your career, and we at Soundprise are specifically made to solve this problem for you.

I’m sure you already understand that the music industry is not solely all about the quality of your music (that’s a given). Your artist brand and how you market it, is a key aspect to building your career. But where do you start if you have no process to active your artist brand? We’ve got you. That’s where Soundprise comes in.

Building a sustainable career in the new music industry is unbelievably difficult. Not impossible, but it takes a lot of hard work. The amount of work, time, and money you have to invest can be disheartening; especially as an independent artist without guidance. The mission of Soundprise is simple. To help independent artists contextualize their project, in order to form its foundations to a position where it can develop into a thriving career. We guarantee to take you from point A, to point B, with our state-of-the-art program that has already provided the desired results for our current artist clients

Your artist project will be at a set position, ready for launch and take off.

Yes, you can indeed contextualize your artist project alone, and that’s if you are willing to put in the next couple of years going through ‘the process’. You may even know how to market yourself, but what is the most effective way of doing it? Or, you could save all that energy for creating astounding music instead and work in collaboration with Soundprise to get your artist project up and running. How your story unfolds from here on out is upon your hands. In reality, it has always been.

This part of the program is where we focus on understanding your artist brand and dive deeper into contextualizing how to best present your artist project for maximum impact. This is achieved through a close consultancy collaboration with our team discussing focal points such as your influences, values, visual aesthetic, and beyond. And you will always have the final say, it is your project remember?

At the heart of Soundprise, we are a music production platform that specializes in the pop genre. Once we create context for your artist project and brand, we then hone in and connect that to how we will go about creating your song aesthetic and identity. Achieved through an in-depth process that consists of understanding your artist influences, sound element referencing, demoing multiple versions of a song, and honing in on a collaborative songwriting and music production approach. Oh, and you get full creative freedom (we adapt to your vision), and you get to keep 100% of the MASTERS, and 100% of the PUBLISHING of the song we produce with you (dependent upon agreement). Welcome to Soundprise.


The world of digital marketing is dynamic. And it changes by the second. There is no one size fits all solution for any artist endeavour trying to increase their fan base. That’s why we focus on creating a digital marketing strategy that is always current with what is already working in the music industry right now. This part of the program focuses on a strategy that accomplishes as much traction, fan acquisition, and interest for your project. Some of the concepts we will focus on is creating a release strategy for your song, creating culture through your brand and implementing it in your electronic press kit (EPK), and providing an advanced marketing strategy that dives deeper into re-marketing/funnels.


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