Building a career in the new music industry doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard, but there is a process to it. That’s where Soundprise comes in – our artist development path guides artists and singer-songwriters set their project for success in the new music industry by a simple 3-step plan:

1. We consult and collaborate with you to understand your artist brand, story, goals, musical influences and purpose

2. Use the information you provide us as a way to contextualize your project and produce a song personalized to meet your goals

3. Plan and strategize how to launch and market your music to maximize its impact

Still not convinced? We’ve already helped multiple artist and singer-songwriters achieve the following with our platform:

  • Feature in highly prestigious blogs (Talk About Pop, Pop Crave, Pop Wrapped)

  • Feature in Spotify editorial and discover weekly playlists, gaining one of our artists over 20,000 streams in under 2 weeks

  • Given an opportunity to participate in independent radio and podcast interviews, offered sync opportunities and publishing deals, as well as performance showcases (not in the lockdown of course).

And more to be announced soon… (we’re still a new start-up!).

Our simple 3-step plan

It’s true, you could probably achieve some success by yourself, or… you can speed up the process with a proven method, saving you time, money, resources and avoid the risk of giving up. You don’t have to do it alone, Soundprise can walk alongside you and collaborate with you on your goals. By working with us, you’ll set up your artist project to:

  • Gain multiple sources of income

  • Gain adoring fans and build a community of a support network

  • Fulfill your creative goals, follow your passion and live your purpose as a musician

What are you waiting for? Collaborate with us and request a free artist consultation call or launch your project now.

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