How are you different (or better) compared to platforms like Soundbetter or AirGigs?

We believe both Soundbetter and Airgigs are amazing marketplaces for their wide audience, and we do in fact take a lot of inspiration from them.

At Soundprise, we believe in a more holistic approach of building your music career, where the individual parts connect and lead to a more cohesive artist project – with emphasis on communication, collaboration and transparency. All achieved in a streamlined fashion that effectively adapts to your specific circumstance.

Find out more about our Artist Development Path by downloading our free blueprint by clicking HERE.

In music marketplaces like Soundbetter and Airgigs, you are limited to hire individual freelancers who might not necessarily have a cross-collaboration approach with you or other music collaborators (emphasis on a work-for-hire model). You are also left with a more singular driven approach to creating music with your project.

With us, you get to be a part of a highly collaborative and consultative team that work cross-functionally with different touchpoints of your artist project in a singular and streamlined platform.

No need to chase multiple people and collating different assets, with Soundprise you receive more peace of mind.

Again, both platforms (Soundbetter and Airgigs) do solve very specific problems for specific clients – what we specialise in, is developing singer-songwriters looking to build their music careers.

How much does the Artist Development Path cost?

We have three pricing models to fit your exact requirement, these include:

  • Work-for-hire Model – £850 (you get to keep 100% of your music publishing, but we do not partner with you in developing the song, just producing its instrumental)
  • Our most popular, Collaborative Songwriting Model – £650 (our music production and songwriting team will collaborate with you on the songwriting process, all the way to its mastering stage – in return, both parties receive an equal 50/50 split in the song’s music publishing)
  • Request Consultation – Full Growth Hacking Model (currently on exclusively available for for current Soundprise clients – you receive our Artist Development Path, plus, we will also deploy our digital marketing strategy for your song’s release, including website creation, setting up your mailing list, setting up your paid social ads and pitching your song to music curators/bloggers)

*We also provide a subscription type installment for those who prefer that type of payment model.

You can request this during our first artist consultation call.

How do I contact you?

We don’t have an email address dedicated for general questions, as unfortunately, we receive a lot of spam in our inboxes!

If you are sure your question isn’t listed here (we dedicated a long time to list all the questions you might have btw!), you can leave a message on our chatbot, which you’ll find on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

We’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within 2-4 days)

The Artist Development Path sounds too good to be true, how can you guarantee that it will work for me?

First up, we never guarantee specific and life-changing results with our service, and if we did, we would essentially be lying to you. There are no quick wins when trying to make it in the music industry, no matter what you’ve read or what course you’ve bought in the past year tells you!

It’s hard, hard, hard work. You have to have multiple touchpoints and opportunities that are in the right place to take your career to a decent level, where you are earning an average living income (£30,000 in London,UK).

But what we do guarantee, is a process of transformation that will build your career’s foundations (brand, sound identity, marketing strategy) and separate your artist project from the thousands out there trying to make it without direction. We will take you from Point A (where you are), to Point B (set you up for the next stage of your career). That, we can and will do.

Do I give a share of my song’s music publishing after we collaborate on a song’s music production? If so, why?

Depending on the pricing model you choose, you can either have a Work-for-hire Model (you receive 100% of your music publishing), or, our most popular Collaborative Songwriting Model (both you and your partner songwriter/music producer get an equal 50/50 split on the song’s music publishing).


We believe it is only fair for an individual to paid what they are owed equal to the effort they’ve put in creating the song (and from our experience, we always give 110%).

With Soundprise, our creative music production/songwriting team helps you improve your song or song idea by collaborating on its ideation and creation, including suggestions on: working titles, topics, lyrics, structure, melodies, harmonies, accents and hooks.

I’d like to see a visual presentation of how the Artist Development Path works, can I download a brochure to learn more?

I’d like to see a visual presentation of how the Artist Development Path works, can I download a brochure to learn more?

Of course you can! Download our FREE Artist Development Blueprint here:

Download Blueprint

How do you guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for singer-songwriters who go through the Artist Development Path?

Before we even accept and onboard a client (you), we always make sure that the qualifying process is driven by us believing in the artist project in the first place – we want our collaboration to always be a win-win situation.

If their project fails, it’s because of us, and if it succeeds, well… we succeed too! We simply invest and believe in your artist project like it is our own.

How will I receive updates on my artist project as I go through the Artist Development Path, from beginning to end?

We have a very consultative, collaborative and personal approach to our service – this means we communicate and update you on each touchpoint of its progress, including updates via: SMS, E-mail, Slack and Zoom video calls (our favourite).

Can I choose the person/team I get to work with at Soundprise?

As we build our branding, music production, songwriting and marketing teams internally, you won’t have to worry about which person will work on your project – as you’ll most likely get to meet and work with them all in some form! And they are qualified to be the best at what they do.

We are currently a one-person team (Jonathan Milanes), and we’re looking to have our first few hires in the next couple of months!

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What do I need for a successful collaboration with Soundprise?

Great question. We simply expect you to have a passion and a hunger to develop your music career and artist project –  with emphasis on having a positive purpose with its release. And you can expect us to do the same.

Our fundamental driving values are: Inspire, Creativity, Collaboration, Community, Positivity, Transparency and Growth. You can learn more about us as a company HERE.

What type of music genre do you specialise in?

We specialise in the singer-songwriter genre with a fundamental pop sensibility, including:

  • Top-40 Pop
  • Indie-pop
  • Alternative-Pop
  • Pop-rock
  • Pop-soul
  • Synth-pop
  • Pop-RnB

PS. As our team grows, we will be looking to expand and work with artists and genres beyond pop. Keep an eye out.

You can sign-up to our mailing list HERE.

How can I qualify if this is real? Where can I check reviews of Soundprise? We are not driven by robots or AI (just yet), and we don’t plan to be!

You can check our reviews here:



Where can I hear a portfolio of tracks that you’ve produced?

You can hear a Spotify playlist of tracks that we’ve produced for our current artist roster HERE.

What are the benefits of me collaborating with Soundprise rather than a traditional AR, artist management company, or music producer?

Apart from a cohesive and transparent process of developing your artist project – we are fundamentally driven by you, the artist.

In other words, you are the defining factor of our collaboration. It is your project after all.

We simply support you in defining each stage of the Artist Development Path and make sure that our service has a massive focus on your experience, as well as your result from working with us.

How many songs will you produce for me with the Artist Development Path?

One song. This includes ideation, pre-production, songwriting, instrumentation, vocal production, mixing and mastering of that particular song.

Before we finalise producing your song – we usually demo at least 3 song ideas prior, so that both you and our production team can decide on the best idea to develop and eventually, release.

What does music production do for me as a singer-songwriter?

We first figure out your artist identity (brand) and deploy a process that entails discovering your sound identity – a particular aesthetic that will support your project and the song we produce for you.

You don’t want to sound like everybody else – so we’ll support you in finding out what makes you unique sound-wise, so you can stand out in a crowded music market.

Will you be implementing the music marketing strategies you provide me with or do I have to do them myself?

We only provide you with a personalised strategy (an action-plan), you will have to do the actual creation of those assets and implementation – whether that be content creation, building a website/mailing list, submitting to music curators and blogs, setting up paid social ads.

We do, however, have a Full Growth Hacking Model that provides you with additional services beyond providing you a music marketing strategy. This includes: 

  • creating your website (including tracking),
  • setting up your mailing list,
  • setting up your paid social ads
  • music submission to curators and blogs.

Currently, this is exclusively only for Soundprise clients who have already worked with us – mainly because we have a deeper understanding and connection of their project already.

Do we work on a new song from scratch or can I use my own song ideas?

What’s important for our music production/songwriting team, is that they develop and activate your own sound – on that note, we usually go with ideas that come from you and your perspective.

If you have no song ideas (which we highly doubt), we will brainstorm potential ideas with you. We even do this on a live (and remote) basis, where we bounce ideas through hearing potential instrumentation ideas in the process, with zero to low latency for both parties.

Can you connect me with the music industry personnel (music publishers, artist management companies, record labels, music publicists)?

Yes and no. We do have a growing list of partners/services/individuals we work with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right fit for your artist project.

We believe in the traditional way of building your network and opportunities – which is to go out there and seek them yourself (or attract them), and we will support you in doing so.

I'm highly interested in working with the Soundprise and you tick all the right boxes in what I'm looking for in an artist development service – I'm just not sure if I'm ready for it. I also need more information or someone to speak with. What should I do?

Worry not! We are here for you.

A lot of our clients generally don’t feel quite ready when they join our Artist Development Path.

Transforming your music career, heck, even starting one, is a scary venture in itself. So you are not alone.

We can recommend three things:

  • Read our free Artist Development Blueprint which gives you an overview of what to expect when collaborating with us – which you can download
  • Consume all our content and free resources (learn as much as you can), and take the time to see if you can realistically focus on building your artist project over the next 3 months. If you are ready, then we are waiting for you!
  • If you still feel unsure and uneasy (after going through the previous points) – we also urge you to submit your project and we can potentially provide you more context and answer more specific questions or solve worries you might have. Submit your artist project form HERE.
Do you accept NFTs or cryptocurrency as a form of payment?

As much as we like the idea of positive change and innovation in tech – we currently only accept traditional currency as a form of payment.

We are, however, considering an integration software that will make you (the client) pay with cryptocurrency in the future.

Where is Soundprise located?

We are officially based in London, UK – but we work with teams and clients from all over the globe through the power of digital. We are a fully-remote company.

How will you send me the final files of my song?

We use three different platforms, depending on which platform you are most used to, these include: Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer (our personal favourite).

What other services does Soundprise offer apart from Artist Development (Artist Branding, Music Production, Music Marketing Strategy)?

We believe that specialising in our core offer (Artist Development), keeps our solution for singer-songwriters to a very high standard – and though we will be releasing additional resources and potential partner services in the future, we are currently only invested in our Artist Development Path.

We want to be the very best and the standard for what Artist Development should be.

How does the order process work and how do I get onboarded as a new client?

Once we receive your artist project form and have had one of our teams speak with you (upon accepting your application), we will send you an invoice (Paypal/Stripe) and onboard you through an introductory Zoom video call. We will also send you resources to guide you on how it will progress and what to expect with each and every stage of the process.

Need more context?

Download Blueprint

Do you have a refund policy?

As any great (and trustworthy) company would do, of course we do!  

We provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of starting the Artist Development Path if for whatever reason, you are not satisfied. No questions asked.

We’re so confident you’ll love our service that we can guarantee you won’t even think about it!

Check our 5-star ratings/reviews here:



Does Soundprise offer a work-for-hire model for its music production service, in which I don’t give up a share of my song’s music publishing?

Yes, we do. Our Work-for-hire model gives you 100% of your music publishing, but you lose out on our music production/songwriting team’s aspect of ideating and improving your song. We will fully support what you think is the best decision for you and your music career.

How does Soundprise protect me as a singer-songwriter and client?

Before we accept and onboard you into our service, we will send you an invoice and agreement that you will have to sign for.

In this agreement, it details all the vital details you will need to feel assured you are in safe hands, including: pricing, a breakdown of expectancy for both parties, music rights, what the 3-part blueprint is, what to expect, the refund policy and so on.

On top of that, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy within the first 14 days of our service. No questions asked.

I have a complaint, how will I know that I'll be taken care of?

We will provide you a dedicated account manager for your artist project, whose sole purpose is to make sure you receive the best standard of service possible.

They will be your first point of contact for any issues, delays or complaints. We do have a high standard to live up to after all!

What else does Soundprise offer to me as a singer-songwriter apart from artist development?

Apart from our core offer of Artist Development – our current roster of clients get to receive our Full Growth Hacking Model.

This is where we implement the marketing strategy we provide you with, even help you with setting up your website and mailing list, to creating and launching paid social campaigns (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and submitting to press and music curators/blogs.

How will I send vocal stems to your music producer? And do I need my own microphone or vocal Booth to record vocals?

Since we work with you on a fully-remote method, we expect you to send your vocal demos/vocal stems (music file with your vocal’s audio) – this will include you having to record your vocals at a home music studio (or an affordable recording studio nearby your area).

The most ideal and fastest way to start recording vocals is to DIY, that’s why we recommend artists to invest in a small vocal recording setup.

With a small budget of £500 ($575), and assuming you already have a decent powered laptop/PC, you can easily buy a high-quality audio interface and microphone.

We recommend potentially starting out with a Scarlett 2i2 and a Shure SM58 dynamic mic – unless you have a dedicated vocal booth, then go with a condenser mic like an AKG C414.

Once I join the Artist Development Path, how long does the process usually take till completion?

Our artist development program does not have a time limit, though we do set a standard deadline for the song’s release (agreed upon before onboarding you).

We’ve worked with singer-songwriters for over a year, some in as short as 4 weeks.

You are the main driver of how fast (or slow) the process will be. On average, we believe that a 4-6 week program is a good and average timeline to go through our 3-part framework: Artist Branding, Music Production and Music Marketing Strategy.

Does the music production process happen in a traditional music studio?

As much as we’d love to physically collaborate with you – we believe in a more sustainable and scalable solution. Our music production is offered to you fully-remote, so you can record from the comfort of your home (or at a studio nearby).  

We use a specific software (Audiomovers) to make the music production and songwriting collaboration more seamless for you and our teams, so you won’t have to rely on messages for ideation and communication for bouncing ideas back and forth!

Do you include mixing and mastering in the music production process?

Absolutely. We not only write and produce a song with you, but we also provide mixing and mastering for the track, so it sounds radio-ready and professional and ready for release.

We even send you multiple versions of the song for sync or other use (instrumental, individual stems, vocal only, vocal +2db, sped up version).

I'm not quite ready to work on a single release just yet, but I want to potentially join the Artist Development Path - should I submit an application anyway?

That depends. We recommend reading and watching all of our free resources before making a final decision, which you can find here:

If you haven’t released your first song yet and do not understand the basics of releasing music – it is best to explore it for yourself first.

Then once you’ve tested the waters, we will be more than glad to speak to you and how we can amplify your artist project and growth.

What does artist branding do for me as a singer-songwriter?

It builds your artist, music and project’s DNA.

It also evokes a feeling or experience for your audience, as well as your potential fans.

Finally, a great artist brand can help you attract the right opportunities in the music business – whether that be sync, music playlisting, press or label/music publishing deals. It gives your project context for other people to invest in.

What does your music marketing strategy do for me as a singer-songwriter?

Once we decide on your artist brand, and finish producing a song with you, we now merge all those touchpoints into a cohesive and growth-driven marketing strategy.

With the end result of having the most impactful results from the song’s release (playlisting, fan awareness and engagement, building your tribe and email list and attract other opportunities).

Our music marketing team will ideate and consult with you on a personalised action plan to best launch your music – from pre-launch, to the actual song release, and even post-launch. We’ve already achieved amazing results for our artist clients so far, including:

  • Getting them featured in highly prestigious blogs (Talk About Pop, Pop Crave, Pop Wrapped).
  • Getting them featured in official Spotify editorial and discover weekly playlists, gaining one of our artists over 20,000 streams in under 2 weeks.
  • Attracted opportunities for some of our artists to participate in independent radio and podcast interviews, get offered sync opportunities, as well as small publishing deals, performance showcases (not in the lockdown of course).
What type of payment do you accept?

We use Paypal/Stripe as our invoicing platform (sent directly to your email) – you can pay for our service with a credit/debit card. We accept most major financial payments including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Will the Artist Development Path be a consultative process?

Absolutely. 80% of our service is consulting with you – which essentially means discussing and ideating multiple touchpoints of your artist project.

Prepare for us to ask you a lot of questions via multiple meetings (done through Zoom), and we’ll prepare to build your career in the music industry!

What does a reference track do? And do I need them?

It is absolutely important to always have a reference track when ideating the sound aesthetic of your song’s production – unless you want to sound so unique that you don’t want anyone to identify or compare your music to anyone else. Your call 😉

A reference track is simply a list of songs you would like to take inspiration from to influence the song you are currently writing or producing.

Does the song we produce have any copyright?

Any form of creation that has a tangible proof of work (in this case, a demo or official recording of a song), automatically has a copyright on it. This is specifically for the song’s music publishing.

Copyright on the master recording is a different story.

Generally speaking, whoever pays for the recording of the song, owns 100% of the sound recordings rights (masters). It is always best to confirm this in an agreement (contract).

With Soundprise, you will get 100% sound recording copyright  (masters) – and depending on the pricing model you choose for the Artist Development Path, you will either get 100% or a 50/50 split for the song’s music publishing.

My budget for my artist project is quite low, can I still collaborate with you?

We have a specific criteria when choosing to collaborate with an artist, and sometimes they just don’t have the budget to invest in their careers. And we totally understand that.

If you don’t have enough budget for any of our current 3-tier pricing models – we’d highly recommend focusing on what you can do for your artist project, even if it’s without us.This is not to say that we won’t collaborate with artists who have financial worries, especially if we really believe in the artist themselves.

We suggest thinking about your career like a business, the right investment/s have the potential to grow your musi career exponentially and save you a lot of time, money and mistakes in the process.

Use your creativity and resourcefulness to figure it out, and we have faith that you will!