My brand or company is not in the music sector, but I can potentially see a win-win situation if we work together - can we make this happen?

Absolutely! One of our fundamental driving values is innovation – we are always open to the possibility of connecting music and our brand with other sectors beyond ours.

This can include sectors in Healthcare, Education, AI, Tech, Film, Advertising, Events, SaaS, Cryptocurrency and more.

I have a product/service offering that will work alongside supporting your audience – who can I contact?

You contact our enquiries team below:

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I'd like to write about or interview a member of Soundprise - who do I contact?

Exciting stuff! Are we about to make it on the big screen? We hope so!

For any press or media requests, you can contact us here:

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Does Soundprise have an IPO? And when will it go public?

We are probably too young of a music start-up to even ponder turning public. We are currently a self-funded company and we are doing just fine as is.

Though we may potentially want to scale the company beyond what it is and look into an initial series A funding in the future. Then we might start thinking about having IPO.

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For now, we are as indie as indie could be. In simple terms, we’re fully independent.

What other sectors will Soundprise expand into?

Beautiful question. The music business and the opportunities music can evolve into is an exciting proposition indeed – in saying that, we believe that Soundprise will fundamentally be a part of the evolution.

We want to help build an ecosystem that supports music creators and amplify human expression.

For how that will happen, we still do not know. We like to live on the edge and figure it out as we go along.

You can learn more about us and our future HERE.

What are the benefits of partnering or becoming an affiliate of Soundprise?

If you want to be part of a positive change in the music business for artists, musicians, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers and creators – then you are in the right place.

Partnering with us allows you to be a part of a community that believes in the power and the value of music, in all its forms.

You can learn more about us HERE.

I’m interested in partnering or becoming an affiliate, who should I contact?

You can contact us for general business enquiries at:


For partnerships, affiliate requests, or business proposal, you can send us a form here:

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Does Soundprise produce music or create marketing strategies for other sectors of business, for example, Film or Tech companies?

We currently only produce music and create marketing strategies for artists and singer-songwriters, as that is what we are built on and what we specialise in. Though we are always open to exciting opportunities beyond that.

Feel free to get in touch with us below:

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I'm a freelancer looking to build my portfolio and work experience - how can I work with/for Soundprise?

We’re glad you thought of us in building your portfolio (whatever field that is) – and we’ll be more than glad to have a look at your application and experience!

You can apply with us below:

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