What does your service do?

We are a music production platform that helps independent artists develop and contextualize their artist project and single.

Am I right for this?

If you’re an independent artist looking to release a single and you require music production services, then you’re a perfect fit!

How much do you charge per client and per song?

Every artist project is vastly different, so we adapt our prices to the specific needs of the client. Our price range for being part of the program can be anywhere from $600-1500 per track.

How long does the process usually take?

We’ve worked with artists that took 6 weeks to finish the program and another who took 1 year! Our services are primed for you and your journey, we don’t put deadlines on creativity and your music release. You are in control.

Can I check testimonials/reviews of your service?

Absolutely. Click HERE.

Does the music production happen in a studio or remotely (online)?

We are 100% remote and work through an online process. No need to physically be with us! This makes it possible to work with artists all over the globe without delay. We collaborate on the track through calls, video meetings, and e-mail contact.

What genre do you specialize in?

We specialize in one genre only. Pop music. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Where can I hear tracks that you’ve produced?

You can hear a Spotify playlist HERE.

Do you include mixing and mastering in the program?

Yes. We overlook and execute the process of producing music from its initial idea to the mastering and distribution phase.

How will the publishing and master royalties be split?

We offer you 100% of the master recording. And we do a standard 50/50 split in terms of publishing (producer and the artist/songwriter).

I’m not ready to work on a single release, but I have questions?

You can more about what we do and what the program is HERE.

Do you offer refunds if I’m not happy with the program?

Absolutely! Though we currently have a 100% positive feedback from all our past and current clientele, you might decide that it’s not for you. So we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

How will I know and track the results of me joining the program?

Simple. If we contextualize your artist brand, create and develop your own sound ident aesthetic, and increase your traction (awareness, engagement), then we deem that as a successful campaign and client win!

How many songs will you produce for me once I join the program?

We will provide you with one song during the process. But we can demo 3 variations of ideas before we decide to fully produce the final track. Once the track is produced, we will also provide you with the instrumental version and its individual track stems if needed.


What digital marketing strategy will you provide me with?

Every independent artist has their own goals and specific channels they want to develop and hone in on for e.g. Gain 3000 streams a month on Spotify, gained 500 followers, get 1,000 visitors on my website) – our program adapts and is dynamic to your needs and your goals for the release campaign (which is discussed before joining the program).


Will you be doing the marketing services for me?

No. We only provide you with a dynamic digital marketing strategy that focuses on traction and tangible results.


What type of payment do you accept?

We exclusively accept Gold as payment. Just kidding. We accept any form of payment through PayPal and its invoicing platform. Payment can be split into a 50/50 plan if required (please quote this on our initial consultation call).


Do we work on a new song from scratch or can I use my own song ideas?

Whatever works best for you and the project. What’s important to us is that we develop and activate your own sound – so the ideas have to come from you and your perspective.


What do you mean by the program being a consultation process?

We believe the process of discussing (consulting) the foundations of an artist’s career is the most important part of being part of Soundprise – which links back to our value of ‘creative freedom’. Through our 1-1 consultation process, we help guide you in going from point A to point B. You do not have to be overwhelmed and alone in your music journey. That’s what Soundprise is here for. You.


Can you connect me with the music industry (ARs, artist management companies, record labels, music publicists)?

The short is no. But what we can guarantee is to connect you to your fans and attract attention from the community within your brand/genre.


What does a reference track do?

It simply is a list of songs that you would like to refer/be influenced by? For e.g. I’d like my vocals to sound like Ariana Grande’s in 7 rings, but the 808 sub-bass to sound like it’s from a hip-hop track. We then use that as a guide to create your track’s aesthetic identity.


I’m really interested in working with Soundprise as you tick all the right boxes in what I’m looking for in a music production platform – but I’m just not sure I’m ready or I need more specific information about the program?

We’ve got you. Just fill out a project planner HERE. And one of our consultants will contact you to discuss everything you require to make a decision. For FREE.

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