What does your service do?

We are an artist development agency that helps music artists contextualise their artist project in order to build a career in the music business – achieved through them joining our program in which they’ll undertake:

– an artist branding audit
– music production sound aesthetic discovery
– forming a strategic digital marketing plan of action in order for their music to build a fan base.

What type of music artists do you work with?

We work exclusively with singers, songwriters, singer-songwriters, self-producing artists, and independent artists. If you’re looking for artist development, as well as in need of a song produced in the process, you are the kind of artist we’d love to collaborate with!

PS. If you’re a music producer, this is not the platform for you.

How much does joining the program cost?

Every artist project is wildly different, so we adapt our prices to the specific needs of the client (timeline, artist stage, budget, needs). Our program is built on creating a personalised, transparent and creative freedom in the process. We’ve worked on individual artist projects from the price ranges of anywhere between £500 ($675) to £1500 ($2050).

Once I join the program, how long does the process take till completion?

Time is an illusion, we believe much more in achieving results rather than deadlines at Soundprise. We’ve worked with artists that took 6 weeks to finish the program and others who took more than a year. Each artist is different and dynamic, so we don’t enforce specific deadlines for being in the program. Although we have a general 6-week timeline in place, as to not prolong it for both sides.

Where can I check reviews of Soundprise?

We have a 100% satisfaction from our current client roster, and we always aim for it to be that way! You can read all our positive reviews HERE.

Does the music production happen in a studio or remotely (online)?

We are proud to say that we work 100% remote, achieved through the power of the internet. We have collaborated with artists from all over the globe, no matter they’re background. Music production doesn’t just have to be for the elites, we believe every one should have the opportunity to create a song, even from the comfort of their home! We achieve this through a consultative process tracked through zoom meetings, e-mail, and SMS.

What genre do you specialise in?

We specialize in one genre only. Pop music. Nothing more. Nothing less. Though we also welcome related genres such as RnB, Hip-Hop, Indie, Acoustic, and Rock.

Where can I hear tracks that you’ve produced?

You can hear our current portfolio via a Spotify playlist, click HERE.

Do you include mixing and mastering in the program?

Yes we do! We overlook and execute the process of producing music from its initial idea all the way to the final mastering stage.

How will the publishing and master royalties be split?

We make publishing and mastering splits transparent and streamlined at Soundprise.

– We offer you (the artist) 100% of the master recording.
– And we do a standard 50/50 split in terms of music publishing – the artist gets 50%, and the producer gets 50%.

This information will be agreed upon prior to joining the program and will be included within your formal agreement and invoice, so there’s no suing each other when the song becomes a hit 😉

I’m not ready to work on a single release yet, but I want to potentially join the program - should I join anyway?

There is never a perfect time to release a song or join the program – part of becoming successful is taking a leap of faith, even if you’re not 100% ready. Though it’s hard to answer this question specifically, we recommend you fill out our project form and we can contact you to see if we’re the right platform for you. Fill the project form HERE.

Do you offer refunds if I’m not happy with the program?

Absolutely! We offer a 7 day money-back guarantee if you decide the program isn’t for you, no questions asked. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed, hence our 100% satisfaction rate so far.

What are the benefits of me joining the program?

The Soundprise program’s main benefits are providing you a:

  • contextualised and niche artist brand
  • activate and develop your own sound aesthetic identity
  • increase your traction within the digital landscape (awareness, engagement)

You can read more about the program and all it’s benefits and features HERE.

How many songs will you produce for me once I join the program?

We will only collaborate with you on one song during the process, though we might demo a few ideas before we decide on the strongest single to fully produce.

What digital marketing strategy will you provide me with?

Our dynamic digital marketing strategy creates a plan-of-action that focused on these key factors:

– Getting featured on music publications and blogs
– Getting on Spotify music curated playlists
– Gaining an increased awareness and engagement from your fans/followers
– Increased music streams from social media advertising e.g. Instagram stories
– Increased network of musicians and music business personnel

Will you be doing the digital marketing services for me?

Our program only provides you with an action-plan that you will have to implement yourself – although we do we offer an add-on service in which we can set up all your PPC advertising, create your trackable links, as well as submit to our in-house database of music blogs/playlist curators.

What type of payment do you accept?

We exclusively accept Gold as payment. Just kidding.

Our invoicing software accepts all types of card payments. Payment can be split into a payment plan if required (please quote this in our initial artist consultation call).

Do we work on a new song from scratch or can I use my own song ideas?

What’s important to us is that we develop and activate your own sound – so we usually go with ideas that come from you and your perspective. We then amplify that through an in-depth process of finding sound elements that can reflect your musical influences, brand, vocal tone, instrumentation, lyrics, arrangement and the audio mix.

What do you mean by the program being a consultation process?

We believe the process of discussing (consulting) the foundations of your career in a formal setting is the most important part of being part of Soundprise. Through our 1-1 consultation process (held through virtual meetings via Zoom), we help guide you from point A to point B through discussing a series of touchpoints which reflect the program itself.

Can you connect me with the music industry (ARs, music publishers, artist management companies, record labels, music publicists)?

Yes, we do have an in-house network of music industry personnel – but we believe that it’s best that these people come to you directly. Focus on building your fans and attract attention from the community within your brand/genre, and they’ll approach you automatically!

What does a reference track do?

It simply is a list of songs that you would like to be influenced by. For example you want your vocal tone to sound like Ariana Grande’s in 7 rings, but the 808 sub-bass to sound like it’s from a hip-hop track and the instrumentation to sound like it’s from a rock band! We then use that as a guide to create your track’s aesthetic identity and amplify your artist sound.

I’m really interested in working with Soundprise as you tick all the right boxes in what I’m looking for in an artist development music production platform – but I’m just not sure I’m ready or I need more specific information about the program. What can I do?

Don’t you worry child! We’ve got you.

Fill out a project form HERE, and we will get back to you to answer any of your questions about the program and to discuss if we’re the right platform for your artist career goals. Oh, and we might even give you FREE advise on how to progress your career in the consultation!