‘One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain’.

I was about to sleep when I decided to plug in my headphones and get me some ‘Spotify listening session’ before the day was fully over. I opened Spotify’s ‘Feel Good Indie Rock Playlist’ and it happened to land on a song by a band called St. Lucia. The track was called ‘Help Me Runaway’, which instantly grabbed my attention with its interesting production, catchy chorus, and warm synth riffs. I decided that instead of listening to one song by the band, I would listen to their most recent album instead. Yes, I still listen to albums.

I listened to their album called ‘Matter’, released on January 29, 2016. Basically, ancient for most of you. What made this listening session special? It’s one of those magic moments when I played track one, all the way to its final song. No pauses or skips, no distractions, and my eyes closed, fully absorbing what was happening.  Just me and the music. Although I’d love to say I was in ethereal heaven, and that the music took over me. The truth is, I was consciously listening to it, almost trying to magnify the music. And it felt like it was doing the same to me. Mind you, I don’t really listen to albums all the way through nowadays (who does), but it was magical.

Closing my eyes while listening to music, while letting it take its course, has helped me appreciate the music so much more. Switching my four senses off, sharpened my focus and sensitivity to the sound. It was late at night and I used that moment to turn off my thoughts and just listen. I felt like I was a child hearing music for the first time. Innocent, playful, endeared. Was it because I was not distracted by anything? Or was it because it was an album that I really enjoyed, track to track? Maybe a combination of both? I’ll let you decide on that. Sadly, these moments don’t happen often to me: nowadays, life is so fast-paced and constant, that I sometimes forget to just stop and breathe for a while. Let the moment be. Not that I’m an advocate of yoga or anything, but I think there’s beauty in staying still and surrendering to what’s currently happening every now and again. It’s like there’s a sense of freedom, you’re not bound by constraints, and you are in full control of your thinking. The pursuit of happiness. A moment of bliss.

My challenge for you today is to listen to an album all the way through. Maybe read and finish a book all the way through. Or watch a film without any distractions. Phones away! Turn the lights off, and just let it be. Try and absorb every detail of what is currently happening in the moment, cause maybe that’s all that matters. See what I did there? 😊

An as usual, take the advice you think will work for you; and get rid of the ones you don’t agree with (don’t worry, I won’t take it personally).

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