Soundprise is a game-changing pop music production platform that supports you contextualize your artist project in order to achieve establishing a coherent foundation for a career in the new music industry. We’re a company with one mission in mind – to work collaboratively and create a direction for your artist project so it can launch with maximum traction, fan acquisition and impact.

The current era of the music industry is now driven by independent artists like you making it without the need for external permission. In fact, artists direct (artists that distribute their music independently) totaled a revenue of up to $873 million in 2019; which continues to rise as we speak. So the next time someone tells you there’s no money in the music industry if you’re an unsigned artist, you can state them the facts. (Source: MiDia report of the music industry financial breakdown in 2019)

The power is now literally in your hands. But with great power, also comes great responsibility. (Yes, that is a quote from Spiderman).

Building a successful career as an independent artist entails taking responsibility for multiple sectors of your business. And it is not easy, not at all. Gone are the days where you can hand over your career and its whole campaign to a manager or record label and then expect them to take you to the top.

I have seen my musician peers have great offers in their careers, whether that was signing an artist management deal, receiving financial backing from their network, or a signing a major publishing deal – only to amount to little to no progress years later. And unfortunately, they go right back to the beginning, mustering the courage to pick up the pieces and try again.

Part of real success is going through the ‘process’. You can’t skip the foundations, and there are no shortcuts to building an independent artist career. At least, not that we’ve heard of.

But you, you’re a different kind. That’s why you’re still reading. You want to build your independent artist career through your own efforts, by your own terms, from your own decisions. Kudos!








So how will your story unfold from here on out?

Will you keep on trying to guess how to progress your artist career and figure it out on your own?

Will you be like the rest of the independent artists that keep repeating the same mistakes and loop back from step one without direction?

Will you spend time figuring out how to maneuver your artist project without context and lose your passion along the way?

Will you invest money in PR companies, Radio publicists, Spotify promotion sites, Artist management platforms – only to lose money and gain a low return on investment?

Are you waiting to be discovered by a manager, record label, or someone to save you and your artist career? How long will you wait?

Will you be another artist dreaming of succeeding and thriving in the new digital age of the music industry looking for a shortcut?

Or, you can choose to work with Soundprise. Knowing you will build your independent artist career because of your own efforts, by your own terms, from your own decisions?

To be or not to be. The choice is yours.

Launch Artist Project Now


  • Three-part framework program that achieves context for your artist project launch – Create cohesion for your artist project and achieve a strong brand that stands out, create a unique sound aesthetic and identity, and execute a dynamic digital marketing strategy that focuses on achieving as much traction and practical results upon your song release.
  • Hands-on and a highly collaborative approach to working with artists being driven by you – No third party is involved in the process. The program is under your own timeframe and you get the final key decision in building your artist project. We deeply get to know you as an artist and will care about your project like it’s our own. Every artist we work with is family.
  • Artist branding audit – Develop and activate your artist brand to contextualize the progression of your career and appeal to your smallest viable market from the get-go (fan acquisition)
  • Music Production Aesthetic and Identity (fully remote) – Find and amplify your own voice as an artist and stand out within your genre and competition. Working with our in-house team of writers, producers, and musicians to create your artist sound aesthetic and identity that is truly authentic for you.
  • Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategy – Adapt a digital marketing strategy that is current and relevant to your artist project, to gain as much traction and practical impact upon your single’s release and artist project launch. Without marketing, you can’t reach your fans, but more importantly, you can’t build a sustainable career. We provide a marketing strategy that helps you reach and connect with your fans in a realistic and manageable form.

What else is included:

  • You own 100% of the master recording. (Publishing split is discussed before beginning the project).
  • Fully remote process (you never have to leave your room, and we work internationally wherever you are). All done through live calls and live screen shares e.g. Zoom
  • Our program is specifically designed to start and launch an artist project, with music production at the heart of it. That’s what we specialize in. We don’t try to overlook other sectors of your career (sync, distribution, timelines, touring, promotions and publicity, creative partnerships).
  • Pre-production, songwriting, vocal production, mixing and mastering (including acquiring stems of the track we work on).
  • FREE business artist consultation call throughout being part of the program (We believe having a sense of accountability is 80% of an artist’s progress into succeeding. Think of a coach guiding its top athletes)
  • FREE resources on amplifying your independent artist career that will inform you of the current and future trends of how the music industry is going to evolve (e-books, PDFs)
  • 100% guarantee that upon your artist project launch, you will secure blog placements, playlist placements, fan acquisition, and a strong context for your artist career’s next steps.
  • No contracts. No deadlines. Just a transparent agreement on how the process will go.

We are challenging what it means to be a music production platform. We are in support of independent artists changing the current music industry as we speak. We are here to amplify independent artists that are willing to take a chance on themselves and build the right cohesive foundations for their projects. Soundprise is here for YOU.

Launch Artist Project Now


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