‘Your imagination is your only limitation’

Do you feel like you’re going around in circles, in an eternal loop of unsatisfaction within your music career? Is there something or someone slowing down your progress? Maybe a build-up of doubts and fears if you’ll ever ‘make it’? Early in on my career, I was totally under the impression that no matter what I try and do, I always seemed to fail. Even though I try my best within my ventures, I had many failures including: multiple band breakups, a failed release that got no traction, music projects/collaborations that fell through, burned bridges with people I respected, no one showing up for a gig in where everyone said they’d  show up and support etc.’. Then a time came when I almost stopped trying. I had enough. Or so I thought…

I came to a realization that I had to stop and ask myself really tough questions, and to answer them as brutally as honest as I could. And even though it was a painful experience, it showed me the truth I was seeking all this time. After that phase, I finally saw some enlightenment; a sense of peace. Like my situation wasn’t so bad after all. And lo and behold, the results and emotions I was seeking started to reveal itself to me. In this article, I want to be that trigger for YOU. So let’s face the truth together and ask ourselves the tough questions, so please answer them with all the honesty you can muster!

  1. Are you skilled enough that you can compete within your chosen space in the music industry?
  2. Do you look and play the part you are seeking? Or are you just blending in?
  3. If you we’re a music fan, would you support and be a fan of your own music? Would you spend time and money on it?
  4. Are you average at what you do? How will you stand out? Are you really trying your best?
  5. Do you really know what you want to achieve in the music industry by the detail? Or are you just seeing where it goes?
  6. Are you making the right decisions towards your goals, or are you being swayed by the naysayers?
  7. How are you managing your time and expectations? Are you in control of it?
  8. If you knew it would take 5 more years before you finally make an average household income from YOUR music, would you still carry on? How about 10, 20, 30 years?
  9. What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? Comfort? Time? Money? Relationships? Partying on the weekend? Netflix?
  10. What does music truly mean to you? A hobby, or a way of LIFE?
  11. Are you obsessed with your dream and goals? Does it drive and motivate you enough?
  12. At what lengths will you go to, to meet the right people? How far will you travel? What will you offer them in return?
  13. Are you willing to kill the OLD you, for the NEW you to arise?

I wrote this article not to dramatize for the sake of it, I really want you to succeed in whatever endeavor you have. But sometimes, we forget to really understand ourselves and where we lack, our weaknesses/blind spots. As a coach, hopefully, some of these questions (if you answered them honestly), will give you a reflection of what you need to work on and the answers you may seek. That is my wish for you.

Here’s to more music and success,

Jonathan Milanes

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