‘As you seek your greatness, know that it is also seeking you’

Who are your musical heroes? Are you in awe of their music, ability, and legacy? Do you one day aspire to reach the heights that they’ve conquered? If so, let’s talk!

First, let’s talk about my heroes, some of which are: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles. Here are qualities that I love about them:

  • Prince’s mastery of creativity: from writing/producing his own music in multiple genres, plus producing his very own film (Purple Rain)
  • The free-flow state and freedom that Jimi Hendrix evokes in his guitar-playing, lyrics and fashion sense. As well as his wise and humble persona seen and heard from his interviews
  • The songs, comradery, rivalry, impact in pop music/culture and the constant evolving phases and story of The Beatles.

All these qualities and details are awe-inspiring and drive me to become better. Something profound I can chase and evolve with. It’s not whether I actually achieve it, it’s a matter of chasing it. That’s the reward, ‘the chase is always better than the catch’, as they say. By looking up to these heroes and understand them and their legacy, I find myself, or at least potential parts of me I can work on. I also believe that by trying to be like your heroes, you subconsciously hold yourself to a higher standard. A standard that only they can impress upon you, neither me or your mother can do that. Isn’t that what we’re really chasing? Progress? Mastery? Greatness? I am.

So now we come to YOU. Who are your heroes? Why is that? How can you breakdown their skills, mindset, story, music, and legacy so you can implement that information for the legacy that one day you’ll leave behind? Success leaves clues, so are you going to settle for who currently are, or will step up and go beyond the successes of your heroes? Let’s do it together and rise…

Here’s to more music and success,

Jonathan Milanes

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