‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for’

Have you ever met someone, whether that be a friend/colleague/family member rave about a new product/service and advocate it to you as if they’re selling it directly to you? Like they speak about every single detail of it; its benefits, why it’s better than anything else on the planet, and its story/history? They really spoke about how it made them feel, and how it amplified who they are, like the product was made specifically for them. We’ve all experienced this, and truthfully, these same people aren’t actually talking about the product or service itself; in reality, they’re talking about themselves! To lock this point down, the product or service speaks to THEM. And that’s the power of a thing called BRAND. Let’s dig deeper…

Do you really think when people buy an iPhone, it’s for calling/texting someone? Maybe 1% of it! Most people buy an iPhone because: it’s the new cool device everyone’s hyping about (reputation), its design and look, luxury/exclusivity, and the mirage that it brings to your circle of friends, the latest social apps it can provide you with. How about people who buy Nikes? No one wants to go the gym with trainers that aren’t related to sports or to who they are, or even worse, wear a shoe brand no one has ever heard of! Finally, the infamous Rolex. Do these cats, buy Rolex’s to check the time? I’ll let you figure that one out 😉 That’s the power of a brand. And once you can lock down yours, all the actions you take towards your music career will feel easier. But wait, what is a brand anyway? Glad you asked.

In simple terms, for me, a brand is a promise, a group of portrayed values or the notion of it, the way something looks and makes you feel, an amplifier of personality, something that creates advocates through a tribe or community that stands by its ideologies and foundations. A brand isn’t a logo, name, website, color, adverts/promotions, or even content! Those are variables of how to MARKET the BRAND, which then inclines its audience to buy the PRODUCT. It goes a little something like this: BRAND > MARKETING > PRODUCT > AUDIENCE > EXCHANGE (USUALLY MONEY OR ATTENTION).

Think of a brand as the underlying personality of what it actually is; the inner soul. Marketing is the messenger of the soul’s message and finally, the product represents an extension of those beliefs and values in physical form or a product.  And so how does this all relate to YOU as an artist and musician? And what do I mean by making the journey easier?

Well, it starts with getting to really know yourself and your values, whether that be things you stand for, your promises, things you can’t stand by, your values and foundations as a person. Applying and portraying that authentic persona, will drive the overall artist brand in all the directions you’ll need. That could translate to your songs, lyrics, interviews, look/feel, future collaborations with people/brands and, most importantly, career-defining decisions.

Finally, knowing your brand leads to understanding where your tribe/community (fans) are, and where they may be placed in the market, it’s you getting to know how to find those people, how to market to them (speak), what to market to them, and why you should. Branding yourself helps you contextualize the journey and every decision you do in it. Remember, we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as WE are.

Here’s to more music and success,

Jonathan Milanes

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